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(Amiga software developer since 1993)


A new project: Dragon Reign
Posted by M.Andersson 2011-04-21 21:34:58 (+0200)
A strategic RPG like the Fire Emblem games. As always this will probably never be completed but the development speed right now is good. But as always there is a lot of work left...
Versus #6 released for AmigaOS 4 with the Torch engine
Posted by M.Andersson 2010-04-27 14:07:47 (+0200)
The first diskmag issue using the Torch engine is finally released. It is the AmigaOS 4 version of Versus #6. It was released alongside with the 68k version. The AmigaOS 4 version can be downloaded from
Viking tec. homepage status?
Posted by M.Andersson 2010-03-26 16:01:43 (+0100)
The Viking Tec. site may be moving to a new location. When and where is not yet decided. A new project in JavaEE is taking up most time now and the diskmag engine has been on hold for a few months. Maybe something will be released soon with the engine but an official release of the engine may be delayed even longer.
Diskmag engine got a name: The Torch
Posted by M.Andersson 2009-08-26 18:08:42 (+0200)
And info about the engine can be found under Current Projects. The engine is almost finished too now as the text parser bug is now fixed.
Discmag engine continues to evolve...
Posted by M.Andersson 2009-08-20 18:11:56 (+0200)
The configuration options are continously growing and the engine is getting closer to a first release. A bug in the text parser has been identified that must be resolved before the release. The engine instruction articles are being worked on too.


Developer tools (AmigaOS4)

bin2c: Create a UBYTE array C file from raw data file. Commandline and GUI (Reaction) interface. [download]
Musicplayer: A music player implemented with SDL_Mixer with easy to use external control abillities.
Included in Nukleus products like: - Nukleus wears Prada feat. Safir
- Cows n Bubbles
- Stars of Nukleus


Games (AmigaOS4)

TacticTowers: 2 player number game with Reaction GUI. Sort the tower before the other player does. Network supported.
Music: We did the music to the commercial Amiga game Phoenix Fighters by Bitwise that was released 1999.


Guestbook: A free simple PHP guestbook. Example here and a readme here.
Features: - Simple message security
- Code validation for posting

Current (very slow moving) projects (AmigaOS4)

Dragon Reign: A strategic RPG. Inspired by the Fire Emblem series.

Currently implemented: - Map
- Accessable area handling
- Characters: * User controlled
* NPC (no AI done yet)
- Actions: * Move
* Attack (partially done)
* End turn
* Cancel turn
- Localization
- User interface: * Map tiles
* Characters
* Menus
* Accessable areas
* Animations
Under development.
The Torch: A diskmag engine. To be used in Nukleus Versus #6 AmigaOS4 release. Will also be made available for anyone who likes to release a diskmag for AmigaOS4.

Currently implemented
Article tags: - Background image/article
- Headlines
- Article links
- Music links
- Text color
Misc: - Multiple scrolltexts
- Gfx button menus (from top and from bottom)
- Hi/Lores option
- Custom mouse pointers
- Slideshow enabled
- Easy configurable with config file
Under development.
AmiCal: Calendar and planning application. On ice.
TournMaster: Tournament managing application. In planning.
3D engine: A simple 3D engine.
Currently implemented: - Level of detail support
- Bulletin board objects
- Simple transparencies handling
- Skybox
- Text writer
- .obj loader
Under development.
AmigaInput mapper: A mapper with GUI for easy configuration/usage of joypad axles/buttons with AmigaInput.
Under development.
ShootEmUp: A 3D engine demo: 2D Shoot'em'up in a 3D world (using the 3D engine/AmigaInput mapper).
Currently implemented: - Moving Enemies (1 type)
- Moving player ship
- Shots
- "Blasts"
- Smoke when hit
- Collision detection (object/object and object/shots)
- Score counting
- Music and sfx
Under development.
[v0.2 demo]
No name MMORPG: Simple future world MMORPG.
Currently implemented: - Main server
- Map server with event handling (skeleton map handling)
- Login server
- Messaging: direct/shout
- Skill editor
- Client GUI components in Reaction (no graphics engine yet)
On ice.

About Viking Technology


Viking Technology was founded in Skelleftea (northern Sweden) around 1993 as an Amiga demoscene group. A couple of scene products was released at local demo parties in Skelleftea as well as at bigger parties like Midwinter (Umea) and Jamaica Rom Party (Stockholm).
The last remaining member, Menthos, of Viking Tec. was finally recruited by the Amiga scenegroup Nukleus in 2006 and changed Viking Technology to a general next generation Amiga software development entity.

Current Members in Viking Technology: Magnus Andersson (aka Menthos/Nukleus, DrNoID)

Contact info

Email: drnoid [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com
Forum PM:
Menthos at  SAFIR (swedish forum) (english forum) (english forum)
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